What DO Children Want?

Before I venture to answer that important question, and lest it sound like I have all the answers, I would first point to the invaluable resources, upon which I have drawn, in my nine years of being a granny to two boys and two girls ranging from 3 - 9 years old, as I attempt to broach this vast subject! The Grace of God has enabled me to mine the wisdom and insight I have needed, from The Word … [Read more...]

Kingdom Driven Daughters

By Regina Seppi “Mom, I’m in New York City.” It was my sister Dinah’s cheerful voice from 3,000 miles away. “I had a great conversation on the plane.” We had planned to be together on this trip, but I got held up by airport security for forgetting a “no-no” in my purse and missed our flight. We prayed all the way home that God would bless Dinah flying alone during this, her first flight … [Read more...]

A Woman after God’s own Heart

Whenever I think of Mary, a woman who sat at Jesus’ feet and chose “… that good part, which will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42), I think of her as ‘a woman after God’s own heart’.  She knew it was important to stop all activity and to set aside secondary things, in order to focus completely on the Lord and to spend time worshiping Him.  This description of Mary has always made a huge … [Read more...]


God is Sovereign.  Man in his fallen state wants to be Sovereign. The sin in the garden was man saying: “I am not willing to serve God as Sovereign”.  We are all born with the same Adamic nature and want to do things on our own terms.  Every child is born with that Adamic nature.  He wants to be Sovereign, have his own way, and wants the parent to think on his terms and give in to his … [Read more...]